The API is designed to enrich information VentiveIQ. The API is organized around REST and uses HTTP response codes to indicate API errors. All API responses, including errors, are returned in JSON .


The API resides at All API requests must be made over HTTPS. Calls made over plain HTTP will fail. API requests without authentication (an API key) will also fail.

Quick start

This quickstart is a brief introduction to our data and APIs. Don’t worry if you’ve never used an API before, with a little copy-paste magic we’ll get you up and running in no time. In fact, in just a few minutes, you will be pulling down and accessing real person and enhancement directly from our datasets!


There are two ways to authenticate requests to.


curl -X GET '

In Header

curl -X GET -H 'X-Api-Key: xxxx' '


There are 2 primary ways to pass parameters in an API request

  • Setting parameters through a parameters JSON object
  • Setting the parameters directly in the URL of the API reque

We recommend that users pass parameters via a parameters JSON object, though parameters may also be passed in the URL if desired. Anything found in a JSON object will take precedence over parameters found in the URL. Here is an example of our Device Enrichment API for reference.


              curl -X GET \

In Header

         curl -d '{"email_hash":"xyz" } \
              -H 'X-Api-Key: xxxx' \
              -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
              -X POST  '

Device Enrichment API

The v1/person/enrich API can be used to enrich data on a person:

curl -X GET ' -X GET -H 'X-Api-Key: xxxx'

Requests made with an invalid API Key will return a 401 error. If you need any assistance here, would like to request a new API key, please contact your account manager or reach out to us at